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Fall 2009

CEP 810 Teaching for Understanding with Computers- This course is the basic framework of the program. It provides the student with general knowledge of basic technological programs and provides baseline information on how to incorporate technology into your classroom. Good program for beginners and a nice refresher course for those who are more tech savvy. Click here for an example.
CEP 811 Adapting Innovative Technologies to Education- In this course we learned how to use technology as the primary method of instruction along with some basic website creation. Some examples of the work you will complete in the class are the StAIR and a WebQuest. It also incorporates Web 2.0 Technologies like blogging and RSS readers.

Spring 2009

CEP 812 Applying Educational Technology To Problems Of Practice- This course allows you to create a website and identify problems withing a Web 2.0 society.The course introduces you to additional Web 2.0 technologies such as wikis as a collaboration tool for group projects. It is also the conclusion of the Educational Technology Certificate Program.
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Summer 2010

CEP 800 Psychology of Learning in School and Other Settings
CEP 815
Technology and Leadership
CEP 822 Approaches to Educational Research

These classes are taught as a cohort. It is an intense 6 week class where the first 2 weeks are face-to-face and the remaining 4 weeks are completed online. These courses review educational psychology and some technologies that many educators are unfamiliar with. There are many opportunities to learn these technologies and allow educators to practice with them so we can be familiar with them and implement them by the fall. Examples of work include a video project (which included an informational website), a wiki collaboration and a plan for technology use in the classroom. Additionally there were many ungraded assignments that allowed us to become familiar with different technologies while learning content for the class. Examples include:

The behaviorism video. This video forced us to evaluate an educational game and determine which psychological tactics lured you in.

After watching a speech by Daniel Pink we created a demotivational poster.

Exploring a concept map and presenting it using Jing. The purpose of this assignment was to use Inspiration to create a concept map illustrating a memory retention technique. It was then all screen captured and recorded using Jing.

The physics video. We were given 1 hour to film, edit and complete a video of how gravity works while walking, jogging and running. We also had to compare different size balls

The creativity project was our opportunity to evaluate different educational tools/games and provide our classmates with feedback on their perceived effectiveness in a classroom.

Final reflection paper outlining what was learned and what lies ahead.